Drinking from the Firehose

I’m not sure what I expected from my first week at gSchool. Maybe a nice, gentle introduction into the life of a programmer, or even a complete overview of a developer’s workflow. I think I was secretly hoping for a gushy, love-fest of our instructors telling us how awesome this class was going to be and what amazing people we were for being the chosen few. Our first day started out as I thought the class might go, a relaxed, no pressure environment where we were instructed in improv all day. It was fun, light, and I feel we started to get to know each other and bond.

On day 2, however, this happened…

“You get to drink from the firehose!”

That’s right. “You get to drink from the firehose!” My eyes widened, my heart skipped a beat, and my mind started racing. “Whoa…wait a sec! Am I in the right place? Is this the class I signed up for? Are they speaking English?” Then, my mind went to the insecure place… “Did they pick the wrong person? Maybe they meant to pick another Aubrey. Yeah…that’s it. I should probably remedy this mistake and save us all the embarrassment later. Everyone else seems to know what’s going on. I won’t be able to keep up.”
After class that day, a few of my classmates were talking and to my amazement and shock, some of them said the same thing that my internal dialog had been spewing all day. I was not the only one with doubts, insecurities, and fears. It seemed we all had them, to one degree or another. At that moment, I felt I could breathe again. I was not alone.